Youtube Thumbnail: Singer Sunitha Seeks KTR's Help

Youtube Thumbnail: Singer Sunitha Seeks KTR's Help

Popular singer Sunitha, who is not singing those many songs these days nor dubbing for heroines, is back into the news. This time she wants to take action on someone, and as she directly asked Minister KT Ramarao to help her through her Twitter page, it became a sensation last night.

Known news is that Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor got infected with COVID-19 and currently she is being treated at a hospital in Lucknow. And to give the same news to Telugu public, an FB Page and a YouTube channel have come up with a thumbnail where they have an image of Sunitha, with her face blurred.

As these YouTube videos often depend on clickbait thumbnails, it looks like they have created an illusion that Sunitha herself got diagnosed with coronavirus. Hurt by such depictions, Sunitha actually narrated her ordeal and requested officials including Telangana DGP and Chief Minister Office to help her. Later she also tagged Minister KTR's account regarding the same.

Back then, Singer Sunitha was a prime topic after some gossip websites wrote stuff about her. At that time, other parties involved in the gossips have taken stringent legal action on those gossips.

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