Amala Paul calls it a casual photoshoot; Really?

Amala Paul calls it a casual photoshoot; Really?

Other day with singer Bhavninder Singh accidentally sharing some photos of him on Instagram and later deleting them, the rumour spread everywhere that he got hitched to Amala Paul in a secret event. With the photo shoot depicting a traditional Punjabi Hindu marriage event with the bride and groom kissing each other as well, everyone believed it.

Surprisingly when media folks tried to reach Amala Paul, she has informed them through her manager that those pictures are a causal photoshoot the two have done. As per that statement, it is done only to promote a brand that the two co-own with a company. The actress is said to have expressed her amazement as to how media thought they are marriage pics as she will not be marrying such secretly and without wearing designer clothes.

But then, the photoshoot never looked like something like a photo shoot and people say that at least it must have been an engagement shoot. For now, Amala Paul is busy posting various philosophies of life from as she is staying in isolation at her home but haven't responded on the marriage rumours and the shoot either.

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