Viral Pic: Corona Infected Singer Criticized for Partying

Viral Pic: Corona Infected Singer Criticized for Partying

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor announced today that she is infected with Coronavirus as she tested positive after she found flu symptoms. But the popular singer is receiving the backlash for allegedly hiding the news, partying when the world is asking for social distancing and allegedly skipping the mandatory screening at the airport.

Kanika Kapoor herself admitted about her positive-coronavirus, through her social media account. She revealed the mapping process the officials are doing right now, but the bad news is that she attended a big lavish party in the United Kingdom where other celebrities and politicians like Vasundhara Raje were there.

Now that Kanika revealed the news from her side, all the people who were in contact with her and her husband have been running to quarantines, treatments and self isolations. A party photo of Kanika Kapoor has been going viral, wherein we can see the said politicians and celebrities posing.

There is also a video going viral on social media, in which singer Kanika Kapoor is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. There were MP Dushyant Singh, Vasundhara Raje Sindhiya, Health Minister Jayapratap Singh with Kanika Kapoor in that party and after Kanika announced the news, they all announced going to self-quarantine.

The social media has been criticizing Kanika Kapoor for her ignorance, though she says that her symptoms popped up only four days back. After all, as a celebrity, she is preaching about our need to be sensible citizens and about following precautions after she attended a big fat party when the world is following the social distancing and avoiding gatherings.

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