Inside Talk: Dil Raju Not Worried About Vakeel Saab

Inside Talk: Dil Raju Not Worried About Vakeel Saab

More than the news of COVID-19 pandemic, Tollywood could see a lot being talked about Pawan Kalyan's upcoming films in social circles. Some say that Pawan's upcoming movie, Dil Raju's Pink remake, which is titled Vakeel Saab, is looking at huge losses.

Some say that Pawan made a huge mistake by picking up two films at the same time, and hence Vakeel Saab got delayed. Some say that producer Dil Raju is quite a worried man as his investment got locked.

Reports coming from Dil Raju's camp are indicating that the producer is actually laughing at all these rumours, as all these assumptions are merely doodles that are not worth discussing. In fact, even if Pawan had given the whole of the dates to Vakeel Saab and wrapped the film, right now the situation is that they can't release the film as theatres are shut down.

And as the film happens to be comeback movie of Pawan Kalyan, the box office returns will be pretty high whether Vakeel Saab releases in Summer or non-holiday season.

Some rumours pointed out that producer Dil Raju who has invested almost 80 crores on the project is worried about the repayments and interests he has to pay.
Actually a producer of such range will not be bothered about loans and interests, and as the break has occurred due to corona onslaught, surely banks are going to give subsidy for the loans. There is no reason to panic over investment security or burdening interests, says people associated with film business.

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