Sr Hero Cancels Longest Schedule Of His Career

Sr Hero Cancels Longest Schedule Of His Career

Though producer Suresh Babu is initially against shutting down of theatres and stalling shootings as he feels that daily wage earners dependent on shooting and theatres will incur huge loss to their livelihood, it looks he has finally understood the severity of COVID-19.

In the career of both Venkatesh and Suresh Productions, one of the longest scheduled films ever is none other than "Narappa". As the film happens in the Anantapur area of Andhra Pradesh, the unit has planned almost 50 days single schedule to wrap 80% of the movie before Summer itself. But with Corona outbreak turning scary, the unit has finally called off the shooting two days after officially every filmmaker is asked to shut shop temporarily. We hear that it is Venkatesh decision to put brakes to the longest schedule of his career.

As the film is a remake of Tamil movie Asuran, being directed by Srikanth Addala of Brahmotsavam fame, Suresh Babu thought that work could be wrapped faster. Because most of the film involves frame by frame recreation of scenes only. However, COVID-19 has surely affected the producer's plans.

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