Akhil And Nithin To Join Hands For Reddy?

Akhil And Nithin To Join Hands For Reddy?

For Akkineni Akhil's mega debut film "Akhil", the surprise came in the form of hero Nithin who has turned as the producer of the flick. While the film ended up as a never heard disaster kinds, Akhil is still suffering to get the break though he has done two more films later.

Reports are coming that, while waiting for the release of his fourth film 'Most Eligible Bachelor', Akhil is actually looking forward to focus on his mass image once again. Though he has burned hands with that move, the actor is said to be in talks with director Surender Reddy regarding an action film that has high adrenaline stunts and powerful scenes. And guess who is gonna produce it?

We hear that Akhil wants to benefit Nithin this time, as the hero lost almost 30 cores on 'Akhil' movie earlier. To help him recover from those losses, now Akhil is said to be getting ready to join hands with Nithin. But then, the two heroes should make sure that they will find a proper story even if it is a Surender Reddy's movie, which otherwise losses will be on cards.

Also, Nithin should make sure that the budget won't go out of hands this time, unlike Akhil, where cost-failure is the primary reason for the flop show.

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