Vakeel Saab: None Can Defy Pawan Kalyan's Call

Vakeel Saab: None Can Defy Pawan Kalyan's Call

Some folks are worried that Pawan Kalyan is not coming this May and some are worried that producer Dil Raju will not be able to bring Vakeel Saab on May 15th. Well, before talking about anything such, sources close to Powerstar revealed that it is the actor's final call that will have a say, but not anything else.

Apparently Pawan Kalyan has given dates to Vakeel Saab in March but due to COVID-19 pandemic, the shooting is not happening. And many think that if shootings re-open in April, then AM Rathnam will be asking for those dates as Krish has already prepared for a mega schedule then. But if Rathnam keeps demanding for dates, will Pawan stay silent?

"There is no reason for Dil Raju to panic as Pawan knows that he should first complete Vakeel Saab but not Krish's film whose release date is not yet fixed. Whenever shootings start, PK will finish Pink remake and then goes to other projects" says a source in the know. And they say that no one could defy Pawan's call on this for obvious reasons.

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