Anchor Rashmi To Trolls: Give Me A Sati Savitri Role

Anchor Rashmi To Trolls: Give Me A Sati Savitri Role

Social media sites are one place where some people lose their mind and behave much more insane than the coronavirus. With few trolls trying to say that adult comedy show Jabardasth is much more danger than COVID-19, anchor Rashmi Gautham has shot back. And she has slapped them back in style, we must say.

Apparently one of the trolls stated that Jabardasth should be banned first as the show's vulgar comedy and body shaming is affecting people than Coronavirus. As more netizens joined the argument, mostly against Rashmi, and accusing of her flaunting unwanted glamour, she wrote, "Did we forcibly sit you to watch Jabardasth by tying your hands? You can close your eyes when we are shaking the dance floor or you can change the channel too. But the show (Jabardasth) became hit only because of many audience watching it".

And with more and more trolls started pointing out at her glamour show, the actress cum anchor stated, "Unless you are willing to produce a film and cast me in a Sati Savitri role, don't question my choice of work".

Meanwhile, what is the logic in talking about Jabardasth in connection with Corona?

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