Lavanya complains against 'SacrificingStar'

Lavanya complains against 'SacrificingStar'

Lavanya Tripathi has lodged a complaint against YouTube actor Sriramoju Sunishith alias Scarifying Star Sunishith for allegedly spreading lies and damaging her reputation on social media. Lavanya has formally written an email to cyber crime officials and a formal complaint was registered against Sunishith following her email.

Going into details, Sunishith in a spree of YouTube interviews had claimed that he got married to actress Lavanya Tripathi. He claimed that the actress later divorced him as she was not "satisfied" with him and his life.

He claimed that he got close to another heroine Tamanna and got a "heart break". Sunishith's spree of unreasonable and illogical claims have become hot topic in film and media circles. With a lot of YouTube portals became crazy for his interviews due to the views for his tall and false claims, Sunishith started increasing his lies. He had not tolerated right from Mahesh Babu to Sukumar to anchor Pradeep and others.

While all the celebs have been silent and tight-lipped over his false claims, Lavanya Tripathi has decided to take a stern action against him. She alleged him of trying to spread false rumours on her personal life and trying to bring bad reputation to her. With Lavanya's complaint, Cyber Crime Police have swung into action. Sunishith is likely to be taken into custody. More details are awaited.

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