What's Wrong With Heroes And Sai Pallavi?

What's Wrong With Heroes And Sai Pallavi?

Whenever a film of talented beauty Sai Pallavi is coming up, there come rumours that the hero of that film is feeling uneasy with her. And this became quite common these days as almost all the heroes who worked with her have complaints while they open up about it rarely. Wonder why?

During the release of MCA movie, there are rumours that hero Nani got few scenes of Sai Pallavi chopped as the actress has dominated him big time. Those who have watched the film felt that these rumours are indeed true as her character takes abrupt exit in the second half and makes a re-entry.

Coming to Naga Shourya, he complained during Kanam release that Sai Pallavi is a hot-headed actress and won't share dias with her to promote the movie. And now, it is coming out that Naga Chaitanya is feeling uncomfortable about dancing with Sai Pallavi is he is taxing himself to match steps with her.

Except for Varun Tej, who has given all the more screen space to Sai Pallavi and scored a beautiful blockbuster like Fidaa, almost all the other heroes are seen having some or the other issues with her.

At one point it looks like our heroes are feeling insecure about the talented Tamil beauty's acting prowess and hence all these issues. All said and done, maybe Sai Pallavi should also tone done some ego issues if she has any.

Apart from Sekhar Kammula's Love Story where she teamed up with Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi had Rana's Virataparvam in hand, in Tollywood.

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