Heroine Asked To Put On Her Shirt Button At Event

Heroine Asked To Put On Her Shirt Button At Event

There are times when some producers asked the leading ladies of their films to go back to the hotel and get dressed rather beautifully than ravishingly in revealing costumes. And it looks like one such thing has happened at an event in Hyderabad a couple of days ago.

Reportedly this heroine is said to have attended a women-oriented program in the city as part of an initiative taken by few bigwigs. The program saw women from many walks of life coming there and highlighting the efforts of each other. Apparently our heroine is said to have attended in a revealing costume where her top (a shirt like a top) has no buttons and flaunted most of her cleavage to the world.

Organisers of the event are said to have pulled out the heroine aside and asked her if she could change her top. As there is no time for that, the heroine made her assistant do a couple of stitches to the top such that the whole shirt closes and there will be no skin show at all. Well, there will be times where skin show is not even needed and maybe our heroine should have realised that in advance.

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