Vishal and Myskkin controversy: Fight gets dirty

Vishal and Myskkin controversy: Fight gets dirty

The sequel of Vishal starrer and Myskkin directorial Thupparivalan was a blockbuster hit and its sequel is now being directed by Vishal. There have been reports that Myskkin has opted out of the project due to budget issues, but the makers of the film have not announced his exit officially. With what was going around, Vishal released a press statement addressing his rifts between the team of the film, and Myskkin.

Finally, Myskkin has opened up on the allegations. He said that many people were against Vishal and he wrote the script of the film thinking he is nothing less than a brother to him. The director stated that even after giving a hit to Vishal, after his three back to back flop films, he received only Rs 3 Cr as remuneration. Also, he said that Vishal was the one who approached him asking for a good story as he was in debts.

Vishal alleged Myskkin that he had opted out of the film due to a low budget. Myskkin also opened up on the same and said he had gone to the UK and had asked for Rs 7.5 lakh for writing the script but eventually spent only Rs 7 lakh. In fact, during the interview, he challenged Vishal to prove if he spent Rs 35 lakh or not.

Talking about the same on a public platform, the director said, "Do you all know why it took him 10 days to release the first look? It was because he was running behind me to get NOC. Had I gone to the Producer's Council with a complaint and not given NOC, would be able to release the poster?"

This issue got dirty with each passing day and finally it is time for the biggies of Kollywood to step in.

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