Bhargava Ram: The Taimur Of Tollywood!

Bhargava Ram: The Taimur Of Tollywood!

The Holi celebrations gave a special high to Nandamuri fans and movie lovers, as Tarak revealed the cutest face of Bhargava Ram on his Twitter timeline and the little guy turned a favorite of many.

Fans and many film celebrities have been circulating the picture in an awe of his cuteness and more than that, his looks that he got from his dad. Why not, when the son of one's favorite star looks much like or better charming than his dad, it is a rejoicing moment for fans, undoubtedly.

Nandamuri fans are even comparing him to Saifreena's son Taimur for the overloaded cuteness, and are calling him the Taimur of Tollywood. Needless to mention how big is the fan base of Taimur Ali Khan, which includes many big celebrities of B-town.

Many fans have been asking why our celebrity kids don't come out as often as the Bollywood celebrities bring their little ones out. Of course, everyone needs privacy, but giving a glimpse now and then doesn't really hurt, they feel. Already the paparazzi does the job well by capturing the pictures of our stars at airports, but it looks like our celebrities may want to give hints to paps about their visits in the city, through their PRs.

Well, we have to see if NTR brings him out or at least put up some videos or pictures of him on social media accounts like Bunny, Manchu Vishnu and others do.

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