Nani's V Distributors Are The Most Puzzled Now

Nani's V Distributors Are The Most Puzzled Now

Despite the fact that a cold war is going between producer Dil Raju and hero Nani regarding the release date of Mohankrishna Indraganti's V movie, the film is set for March 25th release only. In the wake of various things including that of Coronavirus outbreak affecting audiences big time, now, distributors of V are a bit worried.

Actually the USA is going for a shutdown in major cities due to the outbreak of the virus that affected lakhs of people and killed pretty thousands across China, while it has a superior impact on Iran, South Korea and Italy as well. If the USA opts for the shutdown of public places including theatres, then V releasing on March 25th is not going to be a favourable thing.

At the same time, the Indian government also advised citizens of the country to not travel in groups and also cautioned them about grouping in public places. That means, even theatres are a reason to worry and that is why states like Kerala have shutdown theatres too. If similar thing arises in AP and Telangana, what will be the position of those distributors who acquired V?

For the very same reason, they are said to be demanding Dil Raju and Nani to postpone the flick rather coming up on the same date.

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