Parasuram Gave Up Chay's Film: Moves To New Office

Parasuram Gave Up Chay's Film: Moves To New Office

Director Parasuram is said to be the most confused one in Tollywood right now, but the director is hellbent on making a movie with Mahesh Babu at any cost. Ever since he got a call from Mahesh regarding their project, the director dumped the supposed Naga Chaitanya's film he should do and started working on Mahesh's script again.

Recent update coming from Film Nagar is indicating that Parasuram moved to new office under the support of Mythri Movie Filmmakers where they are working on Mahesh Babu's script. He has completely given up Naga Chaitanya's movie though producers 14 Reels Plus want him to wrap that movie before moving to Mahesh's film.

The Geetha Govindam director is said to have clarified that for him a film with Mahesh Babu is very important as that is his career dream. And he is said to have assured to do a film for 14 Reels Plus after he wraps Mahesh's movie. For now, none are talking about the updates, but the director's team already dumped Chay's script in storeroom and working on the changes Mahesh suggested for their film.

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