Disco Raja Still Didn't Learn Anything?

Disco Raja Still Didn't Learn Anything?

Most of the times, hero Raviteja's movies are falling out and flopping at the box office due to content issues, but then, a bit of alertness when it comes to budgets will make the movies pretty safe. But then, all of his recent flops are cost failures only as the producers of those films invested way more than that of the actor's market.

In recent times, Ram Talluri has invested pretty much for Disco Raja as most of the film happens in the 80s era in Madras and Goa. With content not clicking, the excessive investment never returned back even after selling all types of rights. But then, Disco Raja hasn't taught the real Raviteja any single lesson it looks like.

Reports are coming that once again Raviteja is going for a vintage themed film, this time it will be helmed by none other than Trinadha Rao Nakkina of Cinema Choopista Mava fame. While the same story got rejected by Suresh Babu and Venky, now the director moved to mass raja. Being a revenge themed action story, the budget of the film is said to be touching almost 40 crores, while Raviteja's market crashed to below 15 crores in recent times.

One wonders why Raviteja is not taking stock of the situation and market before making his producers invest hugely.

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