Holiday Plans Of Big Telugu Stars Went For A Toss

Holiday Plans Of Big Telugu Stars Went For A Toss

Every summer, the biggest stars of Tollywood including Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and others, and the likes of Kajal, Rakul Preet, Lakshmi Manchu, Raashi Khanna and a few heroines, always love to go on international trips. As they share their sojourns on Instagram, their fans go merry back home.

But it looks like the decisions taken by the governments of few countries including India have started to affect their plans. We must say that the Corona outbreak has affected everyone big time as India has already shut giving tourists visas to foreigners for the next 1 month, while the USA is also banning Europe tourists from coming to their country for a month. In the wake of these happenings, it is tough for our stars to go there, both travelling wise and also risking their own health.

We hear that Mahesh Babu has cancelled his plans to go on a foreign trip with the family, while Allu Arjun is also not looking at any break. Though Dubai is one option on their hand, it looks they don't want to take the risk. Also, other starlets who wanted to go to the UK including Kajal and Raashi, are said to have put brakes to their travel dreams.

Rather going somewhere and risking the chance of contracting COVID19, it is better to stay home indoors and watch some fantastic movies on OTT apps, isn't it? Our celebs are said to be following the same mantra now.

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