What's With Niharika's Frequent Flight Travels?

What's With Niharika's Frequent Flight Travels?

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is staying far from films after back to back flops that didn't work at the box office. But then, she has come up with another YouTube web series, which also didn't make any impact. And she is also busy turning hot for photoshoots as she enthralled her fans with them a couple of times recently.

Another thing that people are noticing these days is Niharika's Instagram stories where she is posting about the flights she is catching. Other day she shared a picture shot from her flight's window, about which she mentioned, "Flight #12". One wonders why Niharika is counting these flights to Mumbai, and posting about them on social media.

Some say that she is doing an acting and direction course in Mumbai at the famous Lee Strasberg film institute, while few revealed that actually she is trying to get some offers in Mumbai. Frequently flying to Mumbai is something our Telugu celebrities would do, but such regular frequency means, there is something that is happening in Bollywood capital.

Anyway, hope Niharika comes up with her first 'hit' film soon, as mega fans are waiting for her to prove mettle at the box office.

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