Dhee 2: Manchu Vishnu Says '#NanuInvolveCheyakandi'

Dhee 2: Manchu Vishnu Says '#NanuInvolveCheyakandi'

Dhee remains a milestone and biggest turning point in both, Sreenu Vaitla and Manchu Vishnu's careers and needless to mention how the punchlines from the film have become words of our daily life.

Since some time, there have been rumors that Sreenu Vaitla is planning to come up with a sequel for Dhee, again with Manchu Vishnu. Today, Manchu Vishnu took it to Twitter with some interesting comments in this regard.

Addressing the congratulatory calls on starting Dhee 2, Vishnu suggested them all to better ask his brother-like Sreenu Vaitla and also ask not to involve him in project details, of course in a funny tone that we could just recall many highly entertaining scenes from Dhee with his tweet.

Looks like the project is very much on and the actor appears to be waiting for the official announcement from the director himself. If Dhee 2 is happening, the expectations would go higher considering Dhee's remarkable success then. But, we have to see if Sreenu Vaitla comes up with a better story and narration that would impress the present-day audience, given his recent films went down without a trace.   

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