Talk Of Town: Telugu Filmmakers Scaring OTT Apps

Talk Of Town: Telugu Filmmakers Scaring OTT Apps

Till date, only India is the weakest producer of web series on OTT platforms as filmmakers from USA, UK, Israel, Sweden and Spain have rocked Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other OTTs with their quality content. But then, slowly India is seeing terrific outputs like The Family Man, Sacred Games, The Forgotten Army, Lust Stories and more. What about Telugu filmmakers contribution to this space?

All the content that was so far made by Telugu filmmakers for OTT apps is simply scrap we have to say. Even after Prime and Hotstar gave huge budgets, our producers simply made profits but never impressed the audiences. Except for GOD on Zee5, rest of the web series made by Telugu makers are quite substandard in terms of creative content. Do you know where this is leading to? Unable to bear the exploitation by Telugu makers, OTT apps are shutting shop here.

One of the popular OTT platforms Viu is said to have shut down their shop here and showing no more interest to fund Telugu web series. Already Amazon Prime is not even entertaining Telugu makers to come near because of the way some filmmaker misutilised them and exploited them for money by producing inferior (and 'parama' routine) content. Same might be the case with other OTT platforms in case if Telugu folks continue to churn stupid stuff.

Even the recently launched AHA hasn't impressed with the content so far, but with Allu Arvind being a shrewd producer, surely he might have figured out a way to cut the crap and come up with terrific content.

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