All Are Waiting For Mahesh Babu's Call

All Are Waiting For Mahesh Babu's Call

Where is Superstar Mahesh right now? Because many folks are eagerly waiting for his announcement in order to continue with their plans. Though he should also get clarity from few parties regarding the same, the parties the are waiting for his clarification are more anxious now.

Firstly, Mahesh asked Parasuram to make their story ready such that he will take it up as his next. But then, the actor is said to have told him to come up with the new version of the script along with the changes he has suggested six months ago. Though the director shifted to Mythri Movies office already to work on the script he is said to have got confused regarding the changes he has to make. But Mahesh is said to be not in touch with the director after that previous phone call.

Cut to Megastar Chiranjeevi's Acharya, he is said to have suggested few changes to the character graph and director Koratala Siva is not convinced to do that. And now, whether Mahesh will do the role or not if those changes are met is something that is worrying Acharya team. He is said to be waiting for Mahesh's call regarding the same.

Upon becoming good friends with Mahesh Babu, Maharshi director Vamsi Paidipally planned his next with the same hero, but the actor asked him to re-work on the script. We hear that there is no call to Vamsi from Mahesh for a long time to talk about this project. We have to see what happens to this project as well.

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