Tarak Family's Holi Pic: Bhargava Ram Thrills The Fans

Tarak Family's Holi Pic: Bhargava Ram Thrills The Fans

It was needless to say that Tarak has got the looks of NTR Sr and now he is the hope and favorite for most of Nandamuri fans. Tarak has become a matured actor with broad thinking and proper choice of roles lately. Now, a picture of his family is trending on the Internet, the reason is NTR's second son in it.

NTR gave a glimpse of him when he was born in 2018, but the latest one shows the little Bhargava Ram who resembles NTR the most. While the fans are jumping in joy after seeing the next generation Nandamuri boys Abhay Ram and Bhargava Ram, filmmakers like Bandla Ganesh and Harish Shankar have been tweeting praises about the looks and charm of little Bhargava Ram.

The Nandamuri fans rejoicing has the obvious reason that another generation will be able to recall Tarak and NTR Sr with the looks and their resemblance in the young Abhay and Bhargava Ram. From a family of films and politics, we have to see what these young and handsome Nandamuri kids chose to go with.

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