One Thing In Common Between These Struggling Stars

One Thing In Common Between These Struggling Stars

Whether it is Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood, Surya in Tamil industry or Raviteja here at the Telugu box office, they are all going through the same rough phase where none of their films working at the box office. But that is not the common thing we are talking about when it comes to these stars. Here is what their recent films are saying.

At a time when biggies like Chiranjeevi, Mohan Lal, Rajnikanth and even Mahesh Babu are doing films that will have prominent roles for other actors in their movies, the problem with SRK, Raviteja and Surya is that their films are completely centered only around the hero's character.

Neither there is any second hero, nor the stories will have subplots that deal with situations where there some other actors leading the show. This continuous two-hour appearance of the same old hero has surely upset audiences of the present times, which these struggling stars are yet to recognise it looks like.

While Shahrukh is completely clueless about his next, Raviteja has these routine films like Krack in hand, while Surya is trying luck with lady director Sudha Kongara of Guru movie fame. Hope these struggling stars get a right break again as any more brakes to their box office sojourn will only put their career in jeopardy.

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