Promo Talk: Rajnikanth's Original Stunts In The Wild

Promo Talk: Rajnikanth's Original Stunts In The Wild

To hit a goon by flying through the air, and to make a couple of cars go upside down at the whip of his own vehicle's steering wheel, Superstar Rajnikanth will be dependent on stuntmen, dupes, wirework and visual effects. But then, there is this real Rajni would could do some original stunts at the age of 69, if this promo is anything to go by.

In the promo of "Into The Wild" episode in which Rajnikanth took part, some awesome stunts did by Rajnikanth in the jungles of India makes your adrenaline rushing. Hosted by Bear Grylls, earlier India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took part in this program that gets aired on Discovery Channel. And looks like Rajni's episode is going to be more amazing than the PM's episode.

We could see Rajni riding an MPV without any external support, crossing the river while he submerged until the chest and then climbing the bridge from an edge, he has done some terrific stunts for his age. And yet, that superhero charm he has while he walks or wears that sweatshirt or rolls that shades, is fully 'mass' range.

Rajni's episode of Into The Wild will be aired on March 23rd on Discovery channel.

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