That Batch Started Pawan Kalyan Bhajana Again

That Batch Started Pawan Kalyan Bhajana Again

After a long hiatus, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is back to films and the first look of his "Pink" remake "Vakeel Saab" is out already. Other day the Maguva Maguva song composed by Thaman got released, and it got terrific response as well. Here comes this batch, that is now cashing on all these happenings.

Apparently, with Pawan announcing that he will quit films, there is this batch of cinema celebrities who went close to another political party and started pelting mud on the star hero. Without even thinking twice, they made some puzzling allegations on him and faced the brunt of Pawan Kalyan's fans who trolled them big time. And this batch is now looking at Vakeel Saab like an opportunity.

When the first look of Vakeel Saab is out, this batch actually made lots of hungama, by tweeting about it, sharing it with others and praising Pawan Kalyan's charisma to the sky. And for other day's Maguva Maguva song as well, this batch started doing immense hungama. They not only praise the song, singer (Sid Sriram) and composer (Thaman) but are lifting Pawan's persona to the sky for getting such a song for the movie.

Netizens out there are wondering what is this bhajana all about. Now that he is back to films, it looks like this batch is looking forward to opportunities to team up with him.

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