#Guilty: Story Is The Culprit, But Kiara Is A Winner

#Guilty: Story Is The Culprit, But Kiara Is A Winner

One of the first production ventures by Dharmatrix, a web series production company of Karan Johar, is none other than the movie "Guilty" which has Kiara Advani playing the lead role. As the film appeared on Netflix other day, here comes a snapshot of it, and how is it like.

Apparently the story of the film is a culprit because they tried to narrate a "Pink" movie like the incident where the director wanted to show that even women are responsible for #MeToo incidents as they keep silence about the suffering they say about other women.

Kiara plays the role of St Martin's college student named Nanki, whose boyfriend VJ gets accused by a girl who came from a small town of rape. The film deals with how Kiara's boyfriend confesses to her about the incident as consensual sex and what is the twist that comes thereafter. Only Kiara's matured performance is the show stealer of this otherwise boring thriller that has the same point told multiple times in boring fashion.

Apart from being glamorous in her costumes (which is actually not possible in real life in colleges like St Martin's), Kiara showed that she has lots of mettle as an actress if the directors could bring it out from her.

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