Mahesh Team Condemns the Leaked Story!

Mahesh Team Condemns the Leaked Story!

Superstar Mahesh and gossips are going hand in hand right now. After the star hero is in the news for putting his scheduled project with good friend Vamsi Paidipally on hold, rumours around his next project with Parasuram got intensified. And other day, we have already seen the stuff regarding the story of the film.

With netizens discussing that the story of Mahesh-Parasuram is a pretty routine one, except that it deals with the director's own logicless idea of bringing back the likes of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi to India and recover the money they took as loans from big banks. Responding on the same, people close to Mahesh Babu has condemned that the story is not what netizens are reading in WhatsApp and Facebook forwards.

"There is a point that Parasuram wants to address when it comes to bringing white-collar money absconders like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi, but that is only a layer. whatever the stories that are doing rounds on the internet are not true" said a source, who works closely with Mahesh Babu's team.

For the now, Mahesh is said to be waiting for Parasuram to narrate him a new version of the story he promised with some changes the hero asked for.

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