Buzz: Rana And Teja To Touch Politics Again

Buzz: Rana And Teja To Touch Politics Again

Director Teja has announced to movies, Gopichand's Alimelumanga Venkataramana and Rana's Rakshasa Rajyamlo Ravanasurudu, which are in the offing very soon. And it looks like the director is getting the scripts ready in a way to suit the image of his heroes.

For Rana's movie, we hear that the film will be once again touching politics. Earlier the duo have come up with Nene Raju Nene Mantri and that film dealt with the rise of a common man to a politician and how he behaves after getting into power. Even this time, Teja is said to have picked up a similar point to carve this beautiful story of a leader who gets sucked into the corrupt political system.

In the present times, films that dealt with politics including that of Vijay Devarakonda's NOTA, Surya's NGK and others have fallen flat at the box office and only Mahesh's Bharat Anu Nenu did well. This is because the films that don't have emotional connections to the subject and characters are not doing well. So hope that Teja got everything right this time.

Meanwhile, Teja's other film with Gopichand, Alimelumanga Venkataramana is a family drama in the lines of Family Circus.

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