Koratala Siva's Mega Sketch Failing Out?

Koratala Siva's Mega Sketch Failing Out?

Director Koratala Siva always takes time to churn out interesting movies but then he has taken more time than expected for his next film after Bharat Anu Nenu. This is because he is waiting for Megastar Chiranjeevi for a long time, and finally the film 'Acharya' went to sets.

In the wake of talks that Mahesh Babu is doing a cameo in Megastar's Acharya, right now some other buzz is being heard that the combination is not working out. Actually Koratala is said to have laid a mega sketch to include Mahesh in this project as he has given a commitment to do a film with Mahesh after working with Chiru. They say that to shoot two birds in a single shot, he mixed Chiru and Mahesh together.

But then, the makers of Acharya are said to have felt that whether Chiru is the solo hero of Acharya, or Mahesh joins him, the business of the film is remaining the same. In that case, why spend more on Mahesh is what their question for Koratala. At the same time, some hardcore mega fans are said to have given negative feedback to Chiru, stating that Mahesh is taking all the attention from Acharya.

Keeping all these things in mind, now Chiranjeevi is said to be in dual minds about roping in Mahesh, while Koratala will be up for a shock if the mega sketch fails.

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