Watch: Rashmika's Chemistry Is Wow

Watch: Rashmika's Chemistry Is Wow

Usually, our producers and directors make sure that they cut out even fight sequence or a crucial scene from the film, but never they will drop a song. However, after shooting a beautiful song in the picturesque Positano village of Italy, 'Bheeshma' team has decided to chop off this lovely melody. And it made to YouTube a couple of days ago.

With Nithin and Rashmika showcasing their chemistry on the beautiful Amalfi coast of Italy, it is a treat to watch for sure. The song comes right after the tunnel sequence in the movie it looks like, but that would have surely disturbed the flow in the second half. And then, Rashmika's cute looks and that teasing chemistry with Nithin is surely a wow factor for the song.

One wonders why the makers of the movie, neither director Venky Kudumula nor producer Sithara Entertainments tried to add this song even at the end titles of the film. That would have given more kick to audiences rather just limiting such a passionate number to YouTube.

Have a look at the comments below the video song on YouTube, to know how disappointed fans are to miss out Rashmika on the silver screen from this song.

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