Friday Talk: Three Films Around!

Friday Talk: Three Films Around!

This being the March season where students and their parents will be busy with examinations season, usually big Telugu movies don't target their new releases. But then, some small films are taking advantage of this gap now as three of them are lined up for tomorrow (Mar 6th) to hit cinemas.

We have the film Anukunnadi Okkati Ayinadhi Okkati targeting masses as four girls and their hot looks are quite attractive for B & C centre crowds. Then comes another film O Pitta Katha, which got buzz due to Megastar Chiranjeevi's presence at the pre-release event. Also in the line is Palasa 1978, a film that got support from mega camp. So what is the future of these three films going to be?

While examinations are a secondary thing now, Coronavirus scare is actually upsetting the trade circles a lot. Given the fact that people are trying to prevent meeting at cafes and malls, avoiding shake hands, appearing with masks most of the time, one wonders if they would dare to come to theatres and sit in an air-conditioned environment for two hours.

Though the two new corona cases in Hyderabad are revealed to be negative after a secondary test at NIV, Pune, the fears among people are not dying down as we could witness that emptiness at many shopping malls and theatres already. Either the three films should be exceptionally brilliant to pull audiences, or people should get over their fear by Friday such that they will walk into theatres.

For now, all these assumptions are only fears of trade circles but the reality will be known by Friday evening.

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