'Fake' Vijay Deverakonda Cheating Women

'Fake' Vijay Deverakonda Cheating Women

Vijay Deverakonda, being one of the most desirable actors in Tollywood has a huge female fan following for his sex appeal. The youth, especially girls look to grab the opportunity to meet him or at least have a selfie with him.

With an enormous fan base, his female fans have now been trapped by an opportunist. An anonymous man tried to impersonate Vijay on social media in order to trap his female fans and chat with them for his benefit.

The man created a fake account as per the cops and began making girls believe that he is the original Deverakonda. It is said that the man also posted a contact number asking girls to phone him to fulfil their desire to meet their favourite actor, Vijay. A few of them fell for his tactics and even texted the man for several days. Amid the man's trapping and impersonating, Vijay Deverakona stepped into the scene himself after realizing that a particular number is being circulated on social media on his name.

With the help of his aide Govind, the actor contacted the man as a girl. The assistant continued chatting with the fraud person with a girl's name in order to pull the deets. With the help of Whatsapp chats, Vijay and his assistant reported a complaint on the man stating that he has been trapping many girls by using Vijay's identity. Cybercrime police have registered an FIR on the cheating case and for trying to get sexual favours from girls.  Cops are currently finding out the man's personal details via investigation.

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