Prakash Raj Shares Corona Prevention Tip- Gets Trolled

Prakash Raj Shares Corona Prevention Tip- Gets Trolled

From a month or so, actually a WhatsApp message is doing rounds that "Pieces of lemon in a glass of hot water can save you for the rest of your life". And the message explains how patients in Beijing Military Hospital used the same thing to get rid of the Corona Virus. And this is now shared by none other than actor and politician Prakash Raj.

Adding that the piece of information has come from a credible source, Prakash Raj tried to give an authentic touch to the information. The moment he shared it, people started trolling him, as they asked him, 'Sir, when did you join this WhatsApp university?'. While some shared links of articles that debunk the myth that drinking lemon water every day will kill cancer cells and coronavirus, some went on explaining how hot lemon water could affect the teeth if taken daily.

Actually celebs need to be more careful about what they are talking about Corona outbreak and the advice they are giving. Recently we have seen hero Nikhil making insensitive comments regarding falling stocks in the wake of this epidemic, while Charmme made fun of herself by sharing a video where she is seen enjoying the arrival of Corona in Hyderabad as if monsoons have come.

Anyway, in the end Prakash Raj realised his mistake, deleted his tweet and apologised to the netizens.

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