Vakeel Saab Decides Director's Fate!

Vakeel Saab Decides Director's Fate!

He has been there in the industry for over decade. His directorial debut was back in 2011 with prominent cast. And it took 6 years for his second directorial. He is none other than Venu Sriram who grew up in Dil Raju's compound. Venu is now testing his luck with Pawan Kalyan's comeback movie Vakeel Saab, the official remake of Pink.

Now Venu's fate lies in the result of Pink remake. If Vakeel Saab works well and Venu scores points, then his next with Allu Arjun will go onto the floors. Allu Arjun in principal has agreed to work with Venu Sriram after he was impressed by the story he had narrated. It is noting but ICON : Kanabaduta Ledu. But this depends on Vakeel Saab's result.

So, Venu's fate is in the hands of Pawan Kalyan. If Pawan pulls it off well, it's going to benefit Venu more than anyone else as Pawan and Dil Raju are already safe with the project. Vakeel Saab result is more crucial for Venu Sriram than the others. Let's wait and see.

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