Young Hero's Special Love On Telugu Titles

Young Hero's Special Love On Telugu Titles

One of the young heroes who has immense potential to pull off some versatile roles quite effortlessly is none other than Srivishnu. On the eve of his birthday today, the makers of his latest film have released the title poster of their flick. Directed by a newcomer, the film is titled "Raja Raja Chora".

This title made cinema lovers rewind through this young hero's love for picking up pure Telugu lines as the titles of his movies. In the recent times, he has come up with films like Appatlo Okadundevadu, Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi, Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha, Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayalu, Brochevarevaru Ra, Thippera Meesam and now this Raja Raja Chora. All these titles have Telugu touch though a couple of them have a word from other language, and at the same time they sound completely different.

Definitely we must appreciate the fact that Srivishnu is picking up various different roles and also coming up with unique Telugu titles for his movies. All it takes for him is just one super blockbuster that could take his market to the next level. Hope his title love works in his favour big time this year.

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