Nani Can't Hit Big This Time?

Nani Can't Hit Big This Time?

Actor Nani turned producer with Awe and he made a critically acclaimed movie. Recently, Nani confirmed that the movie had earned him good profits as well and joked that the IT raids were also part of it.

Now that his second production Hit starring Vishwak Sen is in cinemas and the film opened to mixed talk and reviews, trade is busy guessing whether this would continue Nani's success as producer or will it apply brakes to Nani's success streak.

Hit was made in a shoe-string budget and the film needs to earn a simple target of Rs 5 Crore distributor share to touch break-even point and enter into profits. The film earned about Rs 1.3 Crore share on its opening day. So, the film has to achieve this feat in these two days - Saturday and Sunday.

Starting from Monday (March 2nd), exams for students are scheduled. So parents, students and teachers would be busy with exams. It is expected that this would affect the theatrical revenue of Hit from Monday.

So, Nani needs to get about 3.7 Crore from two days which isn't quite easy. Let's wait and watch, what is in store for Hit. The moot question is that whether Nani can't get big hit this time. Only time will tell.

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