Buzz: Sharwanand Goes On A Secret Break

Buzz: Sharwanand Goes On A Secret Break

At a time when he expected that remaking a classic movie would work in his favour, talented hero Sharwanand received the jolt of life. With Jaanu going for a toss, the actor is checking all the loopholes he is not able to address from some time which is leading to flop show of his films at the box office.

Right now Sharwa is about to wrap a movie titled 'Sreekaram' where he will be seen as a farmer, and he has to kickstart the shooting of Mahasamudram under RX100 fame director Ajay Bhupathi's direction. But the actor got shocked with the result of Jaanu that he has actually taken a secret break from work and chilling in abroad to find out what is truly happening to his career.

After taking this much needed break, Sharwa will come back and decide what to do with the ongoing crisis. We wonder what will be talented hero doing in this holiday to find out about the kind of mistakes he has done. Many say that he needs someone who could help him in judging scripts.

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