Distributors Filed Complaint On World Famous Lover?

Distributors Filed Complaint On World Famous Lover?

Gone are the days where distributors bore all the losses when a film bites the dust at the box office. These days, distributors are strongly demanding their money back from the producer in order to minimise their losses. In turn, the producer is asking the hero and director to return part of their paycheck to bail him out.

Whatever hero Vijay Devarakonda might have thought about his latest movie World Famous Lover, but it left distributors with huge losses of nearly 65-75% and they have now approached Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce seeking the return of money, as per a story published in an English daily. Leading distributors of Nizam, Sunil Narang and Abhishek are said to have filed a complaint with Film Chamber for recovery of their investment.

As producer KS Rama Rao told them that film went over the proposed budget due to Vijay Devarakonda and is said to have clarified that the hero is responsible for the major losses. That made distributors send a notice to director and producer Puri Jagan who is making Vijay's next flick.

They are said to have warned Puri that a smooth release of 'Fighter' will happen only if Vijay addresses their financial concern. We have to see how the super active hero responds over them.

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