Prabhas Following A Strategy?

Prabhas Following A Strategy?

For the kind of superstar Prabhas has become after the super success of Baahubali at the Indian box office, surely his fans have expected to work with some of the legends of cinema. They thought that he will be nexxt featuring in Bollywood in the films of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Raju Hirani. And if it is in Tollywood, many thought that all the star directors will lineup for him.

Whether the hunk hero is following an interesting strategy or it just happened like that, he has actually started teaming up with folks who are not big superstar directors. Firstly he has done 'Saaho' with one film old Sujith and then started 'O Dear' with Radha Krishna whose only film Jil is a super flop. And now, he has teamed up with Nag Ashwin who has two good films to his name but hasn't made any commercial film with a big star.

Though this lineup of Prabhas is exciting because he is not doubling the expectations unnecessarily by teaming up with biggies, one wonders why is he working with relatively newcomers. That also explains, Prabhas loves only good stories but won't take his stardom very seriously.

On the other hand, everyone is waiting to see Prabhas team up with Rajamouli again and also with other top directors in Telugu and Bollywood as well.

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