Naga Shourya's Producer Responds On Rumours

Naga Shourya's Producer Responds On Rumours

With Aswathama going for a toss, Naga Shourya's very own Ira Creations involving in multiple accusations against heroine Mehreen, and the hero's comments on Chalo director Venky Kudumula also misfired. In the wake of these happenings, gossips have come out that his latest film is scrapped due to budget issues.

Apparently, for his own projects, Naga Shourya invested too much budget hoping that he has 20 crores market in Tollywood. But that is not the reality and the back to back failures of movies like Narthanasala and Aswathama have said it all. Amidst this, rumours have popped up that his latest movie under Avasarala Srinivas' direction got scrapped. Some said that half of the shoot is done but producers put it on the back burner as they understood the hero's market.

Responding on the same, the production house behind the film commented, "Naga Shourya and Avasarala Srinivas project is 50% done and rest to be shot in USA, we are waiting for visas, project is very much shaping up well and rumors of shelving the project are wrong and baseless"

That gives a bit of relief to Naga Shourya as shelving of projects always weaves a negative web around heroes.

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