Dil Raju laughs at 'Secret Wedding'

Dil Raju laughs at 'Secret Wedding'

Digging deep into celebrities life has become a common thing in the entertainment industry. However, most of the journalists/media outlets have been maintaining never-cross-the-line concept since ages. Looks like a national media paper left out all the ethics to publish an ugly news that Dil Raju got married secretly.

The news of Ace Producer Dil Raju getting married has become viral since a few weeks. However, the producer maintained silence, as he wanted to reveal everything in detail at the right time. Taking this as an opportunity, a Hyderabad Based English daily reported that Dil Raju tied knot secretly. Disappointed with this news, Dil Raju seems to have said with his close quarters that there should be an end to such rumours and he has nothing to hide about anything.

He made it pretty clear to everybody who is asking him about the impending marriage that he will make an official announcement before it happens. He is understood to have said that he will not keep it a silent ceremony.

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