BO Collection : Bheeshma Passes Monday Test

BO Collection : Bheeshma Passes Monday Test

Nithiin and Rashmika starrer Bheeshma has passed the Monday test. The romcom set against the organic farming backdrop laced with commercial elements has worked big time at the BO ending the lull phase. Venky Kudumula's hold on comedy has yielded good results and thus rescued the wafer-thin-plot of Bheeshma.

The film earned Rs 16.71 Crore share in four days in Telugu states which is a great show for a medium-budget film like Bheeshma in a non-season like February. While the film earned around 6.28 Crore distributor Share on Friday (opening day), it pocketed 4.24 Crore distributor Share on Saturday and raked in 4.37 Crore distributor share on Sunday. Thus in its first weekend, Bheeshma has raked in 14.89 Crore distributor share in Telugu states. With the film earning around 1.82 Crore share on Monday, the total 4 days collection is estimated at 16.71 Crore distributor share.

Day 1 (Telugu States) : 6.28 Crore

Day 2 (Telugu States) : 4.24 Crore

Day 3 (Telugu States) : 4.37 Crore

Day 4 (Telugu States) :  1.82 Crore

Total 4 Days Share in Telugu States : 16.71 Crore

Below is the area-wise break-up for 4 days collections of Telugu States (in Share).

Area                                   Collection (In Share)

  Nizam                                           6.64 Cr

  Ceeded                                         2.55 Cr

  Nellore                                          0.54 Cr

  Guntur                                          1.51 Cr

  Krishna                                         1.05 Cr

  West Godavari                               0.97 Cr

  East Godavari                                1.32 Cr

  Uttar Andhra                                 2.13 Cr

 Total AP & TS 4 Days Share   -  16.71 Cr

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