Why Mahesh And Vamsi's Project Is Put Off?

Why Mahesh And Vamsi's Project Is Put Off?

Looking at the way the friendship is budding between Superstar Mahesh and his Maharshi movie director Vamsi Paidipally, many thought that the duo will do almost a dozen films back to back. But then, we have a shocker in the form of news that Mahesh and Vamsi's upcoming film that is to be launched in April has been put off now. Why so?

Apparently some sources are revealing that Mahesh wanted to star in the Gangster movie badly but budget-related things are actually a hindrance to proceed further. As Vamsi is known for making producer spend hugely on the project, there is no real producer for the film. While the director thought that Mahesh alone will spend the whole money, the hero is said to have thought that having a producer aboard really helps.

Due to these discussions, they have decided to push this project to a later date while Mahesh will look into other movies. Apart from that, Mahesh is now looking into things like starring in a guest role in other movies including that of Chiranjeevi's 152nd film and Anil Ravipudi's F3 with Varun and Venky.

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