Jaanu Effect: Sharwanand Not Getting The Price

Jaanu Effect: Sharwanand Not Getting The Price

Some back to back flops including that of Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Ranarangam and now Jaanu is surely going to take a toll on hero Sharwanand who actually impresses every time with his acting skills. But this time, all of that is not going to help the hero regarding his next movie.

Apparently Sharwa has done a film titled 'Sreekaram' in the backdrop of farming and village life. The film got almost wrapped with only one schedule left to be finished. Guess what, currently the makers of this movie are said to be worried a bit because the satellite and digital streaming rights related deal is not happening.

As Jaanu flopped at the box office, we hear that top TV channels and digital streaming apps are offering very less price to acquire the rights of Sreekaram. Unable to give them at such throwaway price, the producers are said to be in a dilemma now.

Directed by newcomer Kishore Reddy, this new film Sreekaram is launched in June last year and is scheduled for April 20th release initially. For now, producers 14 Reels Plus haven't announced any release date officially.

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