Buzz: Hero Nithin Relieved From Huge Pressure

Buzz: Hero Nithin Relieved From Huge Pressure

Apparently the positive talk around 'Bheeshma' is surely exciting hero Nithin as he scored a hit after a long time. Coming from the flop shows of movies like LIE, Chal Mohan Ranga and Srinivasa kalyanam, the hero is looking forward to score a hit this time, and director Venky Kudumula made his dream come true.

More than that, actually Nithin is said to be a bit tense of the film's result with his marriage around the corner. Because some of the sentimental folks believe that a 'daughter in law' brings luck and they are looking forward to seeing what luck Shalini Reddy is bringing to Nithin now. Though such talks don't have validation in this modern world, somewhere there in the heart, every couple feels that their union should result in positive stuff.

Now that Nithin has scored a super hit right before his marriage, surely there will be lots of positivity and energy surrounding the new couple. In that way, the actor got relieved of huge pressure due to Bheeshma's reviews and ratings.

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