Poor Hebah Patel Got Limited To Such Spicy Role

Poor Hebah Patel Got Limited To Such Spicy Role

Despite the fact that she made a splash with the movie 'Kumari 21 F', somehow dusky Gujarati beauty Hebah Patel failed to cash on that. Film after film, she has made her graph fall and now it has come to a position where she appeared in a hot and short role.

Apparently Hebah never appeared before media to promote the film 'Bheeshma', though she played a small role in the movie. This is because, the role is quite steamy, as the actress flaunted most of her curves in the two scenes she has acted.

Appearing as a girl who impresses a rich guy and marries him, and later as the one who gets into an extra-marital affair with a minister, she played a dark role. And the, her sizzling cleavage show became a talking point in those scenes.

Many wonder how come Hebah has denied offers of small movies that came her way where filmmakers wanted to cast her as heroines but then accepted these spicy short roles. Even in the 'Aha' web series Mastis, the role done by Hebah hasn't garnered any attention though it is a lengthy one.

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