Hero haven't paid the hotel bills of Mehreen?

Hero haven't paid the hotel bills of Mehreen?

Apparently young hero Naga Shourya has spoken a lot about heroine Mehreen Kaur Pirzada and her professionalism when she turned up at the film's pre-release event. He went on showering praises as the actress turned up at the event despite the fact that her grandpa was in ICU right then.

A report published by an English Newspaper has today shocked everyone as it read that Naga Shourya and his father Shankar Prasad, the producers of Aswathama movie, haven't paid the hotel bills of Mehreen. This is because she has turned up for all the promotional events, except one. Even after they warned her of not paying her hotel bill if she fails to turn up at the event, she had avoided the event saying that a skin allergy occurred.

As per the report, Mehreen checked out from hotel without paying the bill, and only after 2-3 days later, the hotel staff have come to know that the actress has left the room without giving intimation. Finally, Naga Shourya's father went to the hotel as the management threatened them with a legal case and settled the payment, the report read.

The actress, however, hasn't complained about the incident to anyone because she doesn't want to create troubles for herself here.

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