Friday Release: Nithin Got A Major Target But Best Time In Hand

Friday Release: Nithin Got A Major Target But Best Time In Hand

Directed by Venky Kudumula of Chalo movie fame, Nithin's latest film "Bheeshma" is hitting cinemas today. If we look at the theatrical sales of the movie, we must say that the struggling hero got a huge responsibility on his shoulders, but then he has plenty of time too, to do the miracles.

Apparently the theatrical rights of Bheeshma are sold for nearly 20 crores in Telugu states alone. While Overseas fetched nearly 1.8 crores, other fetched another 1.5 crores. If we add the print and publicity cost of nearly 2.8 crores to this, then the total pre-sales account to 26+ crores. Now to prove the film a safe venture, Nithin should make the box office touch this number.

If we look into his previous movies, much hyped Srinivasa Kalyanam got sold for 27 crores and recovered only 14 crores from the box office. Before that, Chal Mohan Ranga was sold for 20 crores and collected only 8.5+ crores. Though his previous two films are flops, Nithin managed to get good hype for Bheeshma. Now that there is no other big flick around, he would get plenty of time to recover the investment at ticket windows.

Until March 25th when Nani's V arrives, there are not much big movies that could really uproot any other film at the box office. So, it is all up to Nithin to do the magic.

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