Secret Behind Nani's 'V' Title?

Secret Behind Nani's 'V' Title?

Other day, when Nani's 25th film "V" teaser got released, Telugu audiences got stunned for the way he portrayed a dark shaded character. As Nani and Sudheer Babu lock horns in this cop and killer drama, the thrill element is over the top as every scene gave a clueless question about something or the other.

The title "V" itself is very stunning, as many are wondering what is that might be. We hear that director Mohankrishna Indraganti got inspired by some serial killers of the USA who used to leave their initials at the murder spot after committing the crime. In this film, all the murders that took place will have the sign 'V' placed there, a source said.

And Sudheer Babu's investigation into the crimes starts from this small code, where he unlocks a huge key to the unknown truths. Surely, 'V' is the code and 'V' is the key, and that is the reason the film is titled 'V'. Some reports are saying that V is the name of a company that actually got blacklisted due to the hand of few culprits, and Nani will be taking revenge on them as his father owns that firm.

Featuring Aditi Rao Hydari and Nivetha Thomas as female leads, 'V' is set for March 25th release.

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