Trivikram Gives Certificate: It's Very Very Good

Trivikram Gives Certificate: It's Very Very Good

A couple of days ago we have revealed that star director Trivikram has watched the first copy of Nithin's next film Bheeshma, and suggested few changes. While he didn't confirm about suggesting the changes, other day the director stated that he has watched the film already.

Talking about Bheeshma at the pre-release event, Trivikram stated that he has watched the movie and it is a superb movie. "The film is very very very good, and I must say that they are going to celebrate on 21st (Feb) evening. Don't forget to call me for the party" he adds.

Furthermore, he revealed about that fight in the second half, which was choreographed by Venkat. And then hailed Jhonny Master about Whattey Beauty song that comes in the end, just before the climax part. "That's a last song in the film, and Jhonny has done a fabulous job with it like how he has done our Butta Bomma song" said Trivikram.

Hope Trivikram's excitement pays off and his 'certificate' stands true to what audiences will feel about the movie in theatres. Directed by Venky Kudumula, Bheeshma features Nithin and Rashmika Mandanna in the leads.

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